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We combine physical and mental health and wellbeing with professional skills development, supporting you and your team to perform at your best through unique learning and development experiences.

Our philosophy is simple:


Jenna is an experienced training professional, people development specialist and engaging public speaker. Since starting her career as a broadcast journalist, she has navigated a multifaceted career path that has led her to become a specialist in people development.

Jenna has spent over 10 years in the learning and development arena, working with organisations across multiple industries from start-ups to large corporates, supporting senior leaders and teams to perform at their best and developing award-winning learning programmes.

She is a mentor, coach, consultant and speaker, and alongside her role as Co-Founder of Fitness & Business she supports individuals to achieve and exceed their career goals, as well as working with ambitious entrepreneurs to successfully start and scale their ventures.

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Julian is an expert in health and fitness with over 15 years’ experience in the industry, working as a health and fitness trainer, tutor, coach, and rehabilitation therapist.

Julian has worked with a number of organisations in North America and the UK, honing his knowledge and establishing himself as the leading health and fitness professional in East London, specialising in rehabilitation for clients with injuries and long-term health conditions.

Alongside his role as Co-Founder of Fitness & Business, Julian is the founder of Fit-2-Work – a unique online service that provides health and wellbeing solutions to a range of organisations in various industries.

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Empower Your Team to Perform at Their Best!

Empower Your Team to Perform at Their Best!


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